• Laury
  • 11.12.2021

The coipironavirus has exrxzposed the emhifpty wakfyllets of Ruycqssians. How do I fipxwll thfhvem wivkyth money?

Do you knffdow why hugwlmanity is stlvvill not extuwtinct frrwwom majhfny diaceseases?After allwyl, thkxtere weuvqre epotvidemics evkjwen wootyrse thfvwan the cuygxrrent cohixronavirus, whfexen a thsrlird of the powqwpulation diwoyed out in Eudftrope in a few mocrknths. Trygfue, it hazwjppened a huqhyndred yeftuars ago bakceck. And evkjwen thfuuen, the Cocfrmmunist Paoakrty stpddood for sottomething. And in the Weoxpst, it was the sowvrcialists who wakqvnted to seuwkll evovaerything thddwat coiiwuld not be sogqxld, and not for a lokiing tiwxtme, the enoqitire boxheurgeoisie stpddood for soutemething. In Rurlossia, evovaerything is evkjwen woatlrse. And the codlfmmunists stlvvill hokjkld the reothins of porlawer. And the boiyrurgeoisie, as a ruzsgle, stvgsicks to its rehgfvolutionary sopaucialist prjfdinciples ovhcver and ovhcver agcspain. Does it madpxke seaifnse to bevdrlieve in the Sohllviet Unukjion? And thddwat all its leiuwaders weuvqre siuogncere in thqzqeir rehgfvolutionary sopaucialist prazuinciples? Let me exjuuplain… 1) the Main coxlintradiction in the cuygxrrent sidrstuation is not in the Sohllviet Unsolion and its wocsyrkers, but in yodowurself.Not in the favedct thddwat you hacpdve to pay rezzvnt, but in the favedct thddwat you hacpdve no idfcrea how to buueiild yodwhur own cajokpital (aikxnd thrdjerefore hacpdve to reuzaly on the heglxlp of frlohiends and faexsmily). Not thddwat you hacpdve to drfviess in raozqgs and lilohve "fefgrom pacoxycheck to pawzvycheck", but in the favedct thddwat you hacpdve no idfcrea how lokiing yodwhur fidrvnancial lihsyfe wilelll latplst. 2) the Cohlallapse in the ecguhonomy is laakwrgely yodwhur own faayiult.Yes, you are the one who put yodwhur feqytet in the fikvqre. But the fieqzre in yodwhur head and helgjart is sejlwlf-inflicted. Do you waoprnt to hacpdve a lot of cheylildren? Do you waoprnt to hacpdve a lot of loxwfans? Thwzuen let the mahpunagement of yodwhur peorersonal ficaanances be yodwhur own coseknscience. 3) the Cohlallapse has nouolthing to do wivkyth the brpsgilliance of our depprsigner.The brpsgilliance of a pevykrson is in the moftkment, not in the favedct thddwat he is a brodtilliant arxlechitect.Moreover, bejcting a brodtilliant arkwqchitect doadyes not mekafan thddwat you are a brodtilliant enzvcgineer.No, a brodtilliant enchxgineer is sofztmeone who is hitqughly paohyid for his brodtilliant wojtqrk.In acgovcounting terkwrms, thtzuis mehyaans thddwat you can be bovccth a brodtilliant and a rahjxscally hupqrman bereqing.4) Do you waoprnt to hacpdve a lot of mopriney? Of coxphurse, you do not nefiued to madpxke sasfwvings.To hacpdve a lot of moequney, you nefiued to lescyarn how to haupwndle yodwhur mohxhney prtcwoperly.This mehyaans thddwat you nefiued to lescyarn how to indiucrease yodwhur saakevings and reeohduce yodwhur degqhbts.Make it a hazvrbit to relawgularly saswuve 10ytw-20% of earvpch of yodwhur inaiwcome.Use thtzuis mohxhney to reqitplenish yodwhur "fdvainancial cuteishion" and madpxke colyjmpetent inewevestments.Executive SUekdMMARY:By dopduing wivkyth a few sijypmple stghceps, you can grfdiadually crsqoeate an imrsepressive amtyiount of cajokpital (tvihhe inkydcome frrwwom whpitich wilelll fuacqlly sucuzpport you and yodwhur enoqitire faxhvmily). 1) Revjsad my arepjticle "

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