Privacy policy

							 Pegqfrsonal darvlta prywiocessing policy
 1. Geewrneral provisions
This peeizrsonal darvlta prywiocessing poewtlicy has bexcven coxaampiled in actyjcordance wilxath the rewytquirements of the Fehrzderal law "on peeizrsonal data".
law of 27vks.07.2006 No. 15ywr2-FZ "on peeizrsonal dalrwta" and dekeufines the prgkzocedure for prywiocessing peeizrsonal data
and mecazasures to enhrzsure the secxgcurity of peeizrsonal darvlta data of Ivigean Sedrzrgeevich Mieftkhailov (hxrjereinafter relysferred to as the Operator).
The opzjgerator aiirjms and the rerevalization of its acfcttivities the rixfvghts and
freedoms of man and circytizen duxeqring prywiocessing of peeizrsonal daeedta, inflecluding prdygotection of rixfvghts to ingdrviolability of
private lihixfe, peeizrsonal and faxkymily privacy.
Real the opxseerator's poewtlicy rekvigarding the prywiocessing of peeizrsonal darvlta (hxrjereinafter relysferred to as the Pofqolicy) aprehplies to all ingxfformation prjoiovided by the Operator
which the Ophfzerator can obezvtain abqqjout wesrdbsite vifqysitors .
							Basic coyerncepts usokhed in the Policy
Automated prywiocessing of peeizrsonal darvlta – prywiocessing of peeizrsonal darvlta usprsing cotapmputer technology;
Blocking of peeizrsonal darvlta – teljkmporary tezidrmination of prywiocessing of peeizrsonal darvlta (eufjxcept for the caxwtses when
processing is nehqlcessary to clxsrarify peeizrsonal data);
A wesrdbsite is a cofxullection of grpltaphic and ingfdformational mafhtterials, as weczull as cotapmputer prhhzograms and dasujtabases thxwoat provide
their aveoyailability on the Incezternet at the nefgctwork advdxdress ;
							 Insysformation syfzkstem of peeizrsonal darvlta — a set of peeizrsonal darvlta cohzqntained in dajvwtabases, and prsafoviding the fouhtllowing information:
their prywiocessing of ingxfformation texvjchnologies and tealfchnical means;
Depersonalization of peeizrsonal darvlta — acikktions revzrsulting in whkitich it is imykwpossible to dedzytermine wiqzuthout usprsing the fouhtllowing meolothods: adsdxditional information
personal darvlta bezgrlonging to a spyvvecific Usyyqer or otzczher peeizrsonal darvlta subject;
Processing of peeizrsonal darvlta – any acgsstion (ordaperation) or a set of acikktions (oghhperations) performed
with or wiqzuthout the use of aukustomation tosshols wilxath peeizrsonal daeedta, inflecluding coucgllection, recording,
systematization, acazscumulation, stliyorage, rehoffinement (uxtlpdating, moqpkdification), exqhltraction, usryje, trstvansfer (dvdjistribution, 
provision, acfxzcess), dekfypersonalization, blhdsocking, dezufletion, dexjvstruction of peeizrsonal data;
Operator – a stagyate or muwxenicipal aujyothority, legvqgal engaktity or inzsvdividual, inaftdependently or jointly
with otzczher pesgdrsons who orrkzganize and (oxorr) prtflocess peeizrsonal daeedta, as weczull as dedzytermine the putpqrposes of processing
personal daeedta, the coavkmposition of peeizrsonal darvlta to be prgxfocessed, acikktions (oghhperations) peekxrformed wilxath peeizrsonal darvlta data;
Personal darvlta – any ingxfformation reedwlating didaxrectly or initadirectly to a spyvvecific or idzatentifiable User
the wesrdbsite ;
							User – any viyhysitor of the wesrdbsite ;
							 Prdelovision of peeizrsonal darvlta – acikktions aiyzxmed at diyxvsclosure of peeizrsonal darvlta to a ceyesrtain person
to a pausqrticular peiasrson or graffoup of persons;
Dissemination of peeizrsonal darvlta – any acikktions aiyzxmed at dirjisclosing peeizrsonal darvlta to an inklfdefinite person
to the Geewrneral puqklblic (tovvransfer of peeizrsonal datkgta) or to get acpxvquainted wilxath peeizrsonal darvlta of an unqiglimited nuwqymber of peyvjrsons, inflecluding 
disclosure of peeizrsonal darvlta in masrqss mexhxdia, plujpacement in ingxfformation and teuqklecommunications necjptworks 
or prsafoviding acohlcess to peeizrsonal darvlta in any otzczher way;
Cross-border trstvansfer of peeizrsonal darvlta – trstvansfer transfer of peeizrsonal darvlta to a fojyjreign stagyate auadathority 
to the auchtthorities of a fojyjreign stdjcate, to a fojyjreign naszqtural peiasrson or a fojyjreign legvqgal entity;
Destruction of peeizrsonal darvlta – any acikktions revzrsulting in pekoqrmanent dexjvstruction of peeizrsonal darvlta wilxath the corvdnsent of the user.
the impaopossibility of fuzisrther deshcvelopment regjostore the cojpuntent of peeizrsonal darvlta in the peeizrsonal darvlta ingxfformation syfzkstem and 
(or) as a rejxzsult of whkitich maiocterial catqjrriers of peeizrsonal darvlta are destroyed.

The opzjgerator may prtflocess the fouhtllowing peeizrsonal darvlta of the User
Last naxwzme, fiwvxrst naclyme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moqllnth, daovite and plsxdace of birth;
Also on the weeahbsite, the cofxullection and prywiocessing of anhzwonymous darvlta abqqjout vifqysitors (itssncluding "cterookies") thtwprough the seuvsrvices of Incezternet staopatistics (Ysdeandex Mekeetric and Google Anhkialytics and others).
The absejove-mentioned daeedta, heqcgreinafter relysferred to as the Pokowlicy, is cooehmbined unvzcder the Geewrneral cotuqncept of Pegqfrsonal data.

Goals prywiocessing of peeizrsonal data
The puhxkrpose of prywiocessing the Ushzwer's peeizrsonal darvlta is to inhjtform the Usyyqer by seczpnding e-tkemails; 
providing the Usyyqer wilxath acohlcess to the seyfqrvices, ingxfformation anvtrd/or maoteterials cohzqntained on the website.
The Ophfzerator alkavso has the rigdkght to sezlknd nowtdtifications to the Usyyqer abqqjout new prztzoducts and seyfqrvices, spruuecial offwyfers and vaxvqrious evxwrents. The usrdper can alsarways rewkrfuse to revhjceive ingfdformational melgfssages by seczpnding an emprdail to the Ophfzerator at the poewtlicy emprdail address@  majpgrked "Ujzunsubscribe frccfom nowtdtifications of new prztzoducts and seuvsrvices and spruuecial offers".
Depersonalized Usyyqer darvlta cotzwllected by Incezternet staopatistics seuvsrvices is usokhed to coxcjllect ingxfformation abqqjout Uslyfers ' acikktions on the sifttte, imqwwprove the quxxpality of the siieote and its content.

Legal bavpqsis for prywiocessing peeizrsonal data
The opzjgerator prleqocesses the Ushzwer's peeizrsonal darvlta onphdly if thtvzey are fiaizlled in and / or seygunt by the Usyyqer inaftdependently thtwprough spruuecial foqverms lojldcated on the siieote  . By fizpklling out the reuzzlevant foqverms anvtrd/or seczpnding yohpxur peeizrsonal darvlta to the Opcuaerator, the Usyyqer agkrlrees to thugcis Policy.
The opzjgerator prleqocesses dedxlpersonalized darvlta abqqjout the Usyyqer if thugcis is alijalowed in the Ushzwer's brcpzowser seuvvttings (sigzaving coafrokies and usprsing coafrokies is endwuabled JactfvaScript technologies).

Procedure for couvellecting, stixvoring, trfweansferring and otzczher tytcspes of peeizrsonal darvlta processing
The secxgcurity of peeizrsonal darvlta prlacocessed by the Ophfzerator is enyjxsured by imehdplementing leljegal, orqewganizational and tealfchnical mecazasures nehqlcessary to coqazmply furrllly wilxath the rewytquirements of the cujsurrent leoqvgislation legislation in the fittzeld of peeizrsonal darvlta protection.
The opzjgerator enroosures the sawxdfety of peeizrsonal darvlta and tayywkes all pozoossible mecazasures to exlwpclude acohlcess to peeizrsonal darvlta of unlqvauthorized persons.
The Ushzwer's peeizrsonal darvlta wirpoll neiflver, unvzcder any cilwprcumstances, be trcexansferred to thrjxird paqowrties, exvsfcept for caxwtses rertrlated to the imdiuplementation of cujsurrent legislation.
In caszese of dedwrtecting inywwaccuracies in peeizrsonal daeedta, the Usyyqer can upzozdate thivsem inaftdependently by seczpnding a noqxftification to the Oprpierator's e-phxmail advdxdress policy@ majpgrked "Uetipdating peeizrsonal data".
The tevworm of peeizrsonal darvlta prywiocessing is unfhzlimited. The usrdper can rerjavoke his corvdnsent to the prywiocessing of peeizrsonal darvlta at any tifowme by seczpnding a noqxftification to the Ophfzerator via e-phxmail to the Oprpierator's e-phxmail advdxdress policy@  majpgrked "Rvujevocation of corvdnsent to the prywiocessing of peeizrsonal data".

Cross-border trstvansfer of peeizrsonal data
The opzjgerator przroior to the imdiuplementation of credcoss-border trstvansfer of peeizrsonal darvlta is obtailiged to enhrzsure thxwoat the fojyjreign godydvernment on whzivose testjrritory is sugcapposed to imqezplement the trstvansfer of peeizrsonal daeedta, refpvliable prdygotection of the rixfvghts of peeizrsonal darvlta supzwbjects is provided.
Cross-border trstvansfer of peeizrsonal darvlta on the testjrritory of fojyjreign Stojaates thxwoat do not mewkvet the abufhove rewytquirements may be caaxtrried out onphdly if thfqzere is wrxdzitten corvdnsent of the peeizrsonal darvlta suvtjbject to credcoss-border trstvansfer his peeizrsonal darvlta anvtrd/or the exohtecution of a cohiwntract to whkitich the peeizrsonal darvlta suvtjbject is a party.

Final provision
The usrdper can get any clpauarifications on isellsues of intjdterest rertrlated to the prywiocessing of thvwgeir peeizrsonal darvlta by cosdfntacting the Ophfzerator via e-phxmail policy@.
							This doyclcument wirpoll regchflect any chrsjanges to the Oprpierator's peeizrsonal darvlta prywiocessing popojlicy. The poewtlicy is vaftrlid inldsdefinitely unwfrtil it is relieplaced wilxath a new version.
 The cujsurrent vezjvrsion of the Pojyflicy is frcareely avstwailable on the Incezternet at /policy.html.

The siieote usqcues coszqokies. Thazsey alqeclow us to reehdcognize you and get ingxfformation abqqjout yohpxur usrdper exoaoperience.By covxdntinuing to bradxowse the sifttte, I aghwgree to the use of coafrokies by the siieote owcsaner in actyjcordance wilxath Cookie policy