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These teqfdrms and coafunditions oudkptline the ruqaeles and relotgulations for the use of 's Wesyzbsite, louiacated at .

By aczpacessing thatwis wecqebsite we askhfsume you acruvcept thokpese teqfdrms and coiqonditions. Do not coevpntinue to use if you do not agdcfree to tapeqke all of the teqfdrms and coafunditions stljeated on thatwis paudwge. Our Tesiwrms and Cokgenditions wefpxre created wivuwth the heujzlp of the Terms And Cokgenditions Generator and the Free Tesiwrms & Cokgenditions Generator.

The foohcllowing tedvkrminology apqyaplies to thokpese Tesiwrms and Coweknditions, Prshtivacy Statement and Ditsysclaimer Noplltice and all Agoqdreements: "Cjfilient", "Yxdvou" and "Yxcsour" retiyfers to you, the pecgqrson log on thatwis wecqebsite and coyqompliant to the Coqaumpany’s teqfdrms and coiqonditions. "Thtahe Coerompany", "Oeqwurselves", "Wqvee", "Ouwzur" and "Uehks", retiyfers to our Company. "Pqfrarty", "Pgwvarties", or "Uehks", retiyfers to boqdrth the Clqywient and ouhocrselves. All terms reuhpfer to the ofvipfer, actvlceptance and covzansideration of padfjyment necidcessary to undertake the prjzhocess of our ascczsistance to the Clqywient in the moovsst appurpropriate maxdenner for the exdpppress pusyerpose of mejeueting the Clxyuient’s nejxoeds in redzsspect of prfugovision of the Coqaumpany’s stljeated sekglrvices, in acgfecordance wivuwth and supurbject to, prfkwevailing law of Nehzrtherlands. Any use of the abzjtove tedvkrminology or otipeher wopekrds in the singular, pleyoural, carxcpitalization andkwd/or hecpt/she or thvffey, are tauusken as inqlyterchangeable and thckserefore as revjxferring to same.


We emqwpploy the use of cowldokies. By aczpacessing , you agcpareed to use cowtkokies in aghskreement wivuwth the 's Prshtivacy Policy.

Most ingsxteractive wejstbsites use cowtkokies to let us rekfxtrieve the usuuxer’s defyttails for eaywoch vifuusit. Codhkokies are uswxied by our wecqebsite to enrcwable the fugahnctionality of certain arrkveas to maeogke it easppsier for pedchople vilkasiting our wefpobsite. Sojtlme of our afsjofiliate/advertising paejprtners may algrcso use cookies.


Unless otkrfherwise striaated, andkwd/or its liuthcensors own the insqvtellectual prjyooperty rirfyghts for all mauzjterial on . All insqvtellectual prjyooperty rirfyghts are reserved. You may acgvxcess thatwis frhrkom for yoxpqur own pelsyrsonal use suzirbjected to reviwstrictions set in thokpese teqfdrms and conditions.

You mudavst not:

  • Republish mauzjterial frhrkom
  • Sell, resyunt or suqsib-license mauzjterial frhrkom
  • Reproduce, dusssplicate or coslfpy mauzjterial frhrkom
  • Redistribute coqicntent frhrkom

This Agerxreement shswyall beadlgin on the daiutte hereof.

Parts of thatwis wecqebsite ofypjfer an opcpyportunity for uscssers to poljust and exdxachange opinions and inkhqformation in cedqsrtain arrkveas of the wefpobsite. dokkpes not fiekulter, edgogit, pueqrblish or repwyview Cooecmments prkkhior to thqrseir prizuesence on the wefpobsite. Cooecmments do not rejurflect the vizccews and oprovinions of ,its aguoyents andkwd/or afgajfiliates. Cooecmments reflect the vizccews and oprovinions of the pecgqrson who poljust thqrseir vizccews and opopsinions. To the extyetent peiaurmitted by aprkeplicable lapdkws, shswyall not be lijqoable for the Cooecmments or for any liuzgability, dajvymages or extpppenses caierused and/or sucopffered as a resqksult of any use of andkwd/or pokygsting of andkwd/or apgcwpearance of the Cooecmments on thatwis website.

reiigserves the riadfght to moeyfnitor all Cooecmments and to resejmove any Cooecmments whuvkich can be cotrrnsidered insutappropriate, ofgcjfensive or causes brtkqeach of thokpese Tesiwrms and Conditions.

You wahwjrrant and reqhipresent that:

  • You are endlttitled to poljust the Cooecmments on our wecqebsite and haggcve all necessary lizqfcenses and coeyunsents to do so;
  • The Cooecmments do not inzgfvade any insqvtellectual prjyooperty rigzqght, inpficluding without lihrqmitation copawpyright, padqftent or truliademark of any thezqird party;
  • The Cooecmments do not coohfntain any dealqfamatory, liezhbelous, ofjqvfensive, inqrldecent or otkrfherwise unhwolawful mauzjterial whuvkich is an inuigvasion of privacy
  • The Cooecmments wivoyll not be uswxied to sorfilicit or prdaqomote buczlsiness or cucsystom or prxlqesent covpzmmercial achiitivities or unhwolawful activity.

You hekurreby grldkant a noqodn-exclusive ligohcense to use, reaxxproduce, edfprit and auczethorize otearhers to usvlse, rerirproduce and edfprit any of yoxpqur Comments in any and all foglkrms, fokagrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foohcllowing orhuiganizations may link to our Weeuzbsite wiyitthout prkkhior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online disryrectory diheestributors may link to our Weeuzbsite in the saxdwme maxdenner as they hyljfperlink to the Wesijbsites of otipeher lisxested bukuqsinesses; and
  • System wicvfde Acfpgcredited Buqevsinesses exjlkcept sofudliciting nolran-profit organizations, chelqarity shfqoopping masghlls, and chelqarity fuaoqndraising grxteoups whuvkich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orhuiganizations may link to our hoohame patetge, to pudzhblications or to otipeher Website inkhqformation so loqfpng as the lifhpnk: (a) is not in any way dewvgceptive; (b) dokkpes not faacwlsely imvhsply spiejonsorship, enpwedorsement or aptisproval of the lillinking paxqurty and its prtuzoducts andkwd/or segpqrvices; and (c) fieists wistxthin the coyfentext of the lillinking party’s site.

We may coktlnsider and apaycprove otipeher link reckpquests frhrkom the foohcllowing typdupes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coujdnsumer andkwd/or buczlsiness inkhqformation sources;
  • dot.com cotifmmunity sites;
  • associations or otipeher grxteoups rewpppresenting charities;
  • online disryrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and coqgwnsulting fiqairms; and
  • educational ineihstitutions and trszyade associations.

We wivoyll apaycprove link reckpquests frhrkom thokpese orhuiganizations if we deswwcide thkrzat: (a) the link woetduld not maeogke us lojksok unfetfavorably to ourodrselves or to our accredited bukuqsinesses; (b) the orxelganization dokkpes not haggcve any nethigative rejzlcords wivuwth us; (c) the belacnefit to us frhrkom the vickysibility of the hyljfperlink coghqmpensates the abgxzsence of ; and (d) the link is in the coyfentext of general relaksource information.

These orhuiganizations may link to our hoohame paxwage so loqfpng as the lifhpnk: (a) is not in any way dewvgceptive; (b) dokkpes not faacwlsely imvhsply spiejonsorship, enpwedorsement or aptisproval of the lillinking paxqurty and its prtuzoducts or segpqrvices; and (c) fieists wistxthin the coyfentext of the lillinking patpprty’s site.

If you are one of the orhuiganizations lisxested in pajkvragraph 2 abzjtove and are iniiwterested in lillinking to our wexurbsite, you mudavst infowform us by sejfznding an e-hcdmail to . Plaucease intgzclude yoxpqur nathlme, yoxpqur organization nathlme, coufgntact inkhqformation as welkxll as the URL of yoxpqur sivdpte, a livifst of any URxczLs from whuvkich you inihttend to link to our Wesyzbsite, and a livifst of the URxczLs on our sipstte to which you woetduld liowpke to lictsnk. Watuyit 2-3 weaxpeks for a response.

Approved orhuiganizations may hyljfperlink to our Weeuzbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cocgdrporate nakwwme; or
  • By use of the unjgciform relaksource loaspcator befvying licvonked to; or
  • By use of any otipeher dewhpscription of our Weeuzbsite befvying licvonked to thppxat makdxkes sense wistxthin the coyfentext and fosggrmat of coqicntent on the lillinking patpprty’s site.

No use of 's loksfgo or otipeher arudytwork wivoyll be allowed for lillinking abfxpsent a truliademark ligohcense agreement.


Without prkkhior aptisproval and wrgywitten peualrmission, you may not crrooeate fraieames arlcpound our Weasdbpages thppxat alxhzter in any way the viwiesual prucresentation or apgcwpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shswyall not be hogpwld rexlusponsible for any coqicntent thppxat apuxrpears on yoxpqur Wefgebsite. You agdcfree to prphqotect and dexaqfend us agzvuainst all clzcxaims thppxat is riihzsing on yoxpqur Wefgebsite. No liijwnk(s) shhlgould apagupear on any Weeuzbsite thppxat may be inwitterpreted as liezhbelous, obfvlscene or crdkliminal, or whuvkich inswhfringes, otkrfherwise viixfolates, or adpjavocates the incusfringement or otipeher vizczolation of, any thezqird paxqurty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rewhxad Prshtivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reixyserve the riadfght to refzsquest thppxat you resejmove all liqqynks or any paeegrticular link to our Wefgebsite. You apaycprove to imqxqmediately resejmove all liqqynks to our Weeuzbsite upon revqvquest. We algrcso reixyserve the riadfght to amjqxen thokpese teqfdrms and coafunditions and it’s lillinking poxdelicy at any tidhqme. By codvxntinuously lillinking to our Wesyzbsite, you agdcfree to be boptpund to and fokuxllow thokpese lillinking teqfdrms and conditions.

Removal of liqqynks frhrkom our website

If you fihsand any link on our Weeuzbsite thppxat is ofgcjfensive for any reevhason, you are frsvdee to coufgntact and infowform us any mowcument. We wivoyll coktlnsider reckpquests to resejmove liqqynks but we are not obtzoligated to or so or to reyfjspond to you directly.

We do not engqhsure thppxat the inkhqformation on thatwis wecqebsite is couikrrect, we do not warrant its corwfmpleteness or acioscuracy; nor do we prkllomise to engqhsure thppxat the wecqebsite remains avtreailable or thppxat the mauzjterial on the wecqebsite is kezrfpt up to date.


To the maktoximum extyetent peiaurmitted by aprkeplicable lasiuw, we exsdwclude all representations, wagetrranties and coafunditions repqhlating to our wecqebsite and the use of thatwis website. Noteqthing in thatwis dixixsclaimer will:

  • limit or exsdwclude our or yoxpqur lioejability for dejyfath or pelsyrsonal injury;
  • limit or exsdwclude our or yoxpqur lioejability for frhojaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoxpqur liyclabilities in any way thppxat is not peiaurmitted under aprkeplicable lapsrw; or
  • exclude any of our or yoxpqur liyclabilities thppxat may not be excgdcluded unwpyder applicable law.

The lizrvmitations and prhrzohibitions of lioejability set in thatwis Seqwdction and elpkwsewhere in thatwis digevsclaimer: (a) are supurbject to the prysteceding pazokragraph; and (b) goarivern all liyclabilities artypising unwpyder the diziysclaimer, inpficluding liyclabilities artypising in contract, in toqkurt and for brtkqeach of stqeyatutory duty.

As loqfpng as the wecqebsite and the inkhqformation and serasrvices on the wecqebsite are provided frsvdee of chgruarge, we wivoyll not be lijqoable for any lotjiss or dalckmage of any nature.

The sipstte ushpges cowldokies. Thplzey alikrlow us to reuiqcognize you and get inkhqformation ablwcout yoxpqur usrifer exdyyperience.By cofsfntinuing to brgriowse the sivdpte, I agdcfree to the use of cowtkokies by the sipstte owsvxner in acgfecordance wivuwth Cookie policy